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Good DMV Information & Links FREE

Here are some very helpful DMV Links, providing valuable FREE Information for California drivers (NOTE: We are NOT the DMV, so don't E-Mail us any DMV questions, unless they are INSURANCE related!)

DMV logo

Favorite DMV Links

Our Favorite California DMV Links

  1. DMV Forms Online - Download your favorite forms (release of liability, change of address, etc.)

  2. DMV Codes - see the complete vehicle code online.

  3. DMV Rules for People New to California - Find out how to register a car, get a California drivers license and more.

  4. California Written Driving Test Practice Questions

    Below are sample test questions so you can BE PREPARED to pass the exam (in Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf File Format). Print them out and PRACTICE!

    NOTE: These practice tests provide hundreds of sample questions, but answers are NOT included. You will have to look them up in the handbook. These practice tests will familiarize you with questions, and the way they are asked.

  5. List of Local DMV Offices - find the DMV office nearest you.

  6. DMV Frequently Asked Questions and Statistics - New laws, interesting facts and other DMV info. here.

  7. DMV Search Engine - Find what you need at the DMV by using their main page engine to search their site!

  8. Vehicle Registration Rules - Here is a comprehensive list on what you need to register a car in California, including smog rules.